Visa Requirements / Conditions

No online processing of Visas!

Only Hard Copies in the counter or Courier at 410, Farenden Street, Sunnyside, 0002, Pretoria, South Africa.

No Visa fee for SA Passports.

Visiting Bangladesh requires prior Visa!

If you show complete Covid-19 vaccination certificate, no more quarantine!

We are accepting NVR/Visa Application always! NVR/Visa processing is always open. For Diplomatic, UN and Official Passports, this High Commission itself can take the decision about Visa.


BUT, for ordinary passports of African Region,

NVR/Visas are issued ONLY UPON APPROVAL FROM the Immigration-6, Security Services Division (SSD), Ministry of Home Affairs, Dhaka, Bangladesh. For that they (immigration-6) require Positive Police Verification report of your Address while in Bangladesh or host/sponsor/employer. We just receive the Visa applications, scan them and send to and The decision completely lies with them.

We issue Visas / NVR if approved in the following link

Officers: Immigration 6, and 5; and also 2 are found in the following link: